Friday, January 07, 2005

Making Choices

I've spent the last few months in a funk - partially due to the life-changes that have been occuring. And partially because I've been making excuses. Do any of these sound familiar: "I'm working on it." "One day, I'll get past it." "I have too much going on right now to worry about one more thing." "When I have more time...." Let me tell you, I have no patience for this in other people - and I've been tolerating it in myself. No more. Life is a choice. We have a choice to make it good, or to make it bad. We can be a victim of others or the makers of our own destiny. That doesn't mean we can control everything that happens - but we can control our behaviors in response to life's unexpected changes. I woke up this morning and remembered what I love about my life, thought about all the things I've been blessed to have and worked hard to achieve. That is what matters, not whether or not everything gets done when I think it should. I've been guilty of saying that "I'm working towards that," or "I'll eventually be past this," or "I have to work through this." That is fine in the beginning, but it can become a crutch. I've let it become a crutch over the past few months, and I realized that this is my decision to either get past the things that have hurt me, or to keep wallowing in them. Well, I got news for you. I'm movin' on.