Saturday, January 15, 2005

Long, Long Day

I'm not convinced that there is any part of my body that does not hurt right now. I've spent the day painting the interior of my trailer - seriously, I painted from 9AM to 7PM, with a half hour for lunch. Yeah, I know - that's the problem with being obsessive. A couple of lessons I have discovered: *Painting by yourself should only be done in the presence of obnoxiously loud music.....however, you should lock the doors first, otherwise you will be subject to an audience as you belt your tunes into your paintbrush. *Oil-based paint is not easy to get off your skin. Latex-based is the better choice. *However, oil-based primer is much more effective that latex-based primers. Pick your poison. *Paint thinner (used to remove oil-based paints) really, really, really burns. *The price of paint is directly proportional to its thickness. Cheap-ass paint sucks. Trust me. After the fourth coat, you really wish you weren't such a scrooge. *Paneling is incredibly difficult to paint. *Cleaning a roller is an interesting experience, and teaches you some fascinating hand-motions. Yes, indeed, fascinating! *Nothing feels better than standing back to look at a job well-done. =)