Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Living Arrangements

I've spent years paying rent - landlords coming into my bedroom while I'm sleeping because they wanted to ask me a question, sub-standard appliances that rarely work, replacing things that are not mine, but I have to replace if I want to have use of them, etc. I've had it. So I've officially cross-over: I AM A REDNECK. You read it right folks. I just bought a trailer. I know what you are thinking. Hey, trailers can be pretty nice. Indeed they can be. Mine is not. It is chock-full of greenish walnut paneling, gold shag carpet, and complete with orange, fiberglass paneling in the master bath. Yep - it's a vision of 1976 glory. And it's all mine. So I've gone from living in a huge house next to a prominent golf course, and driving a BMW Z3, to living in a trailer and owning a truck. Life is good. Now I just need to get a junker and some cement blocks.