Sunday, January 23, 2005

Idiotic Commentary

While I am busy cursing over such idiotic commentary, I thought I would post about it as well. I know I should not be surprised that Bush can do nothing to satisfy the miserable Left, but William F. Buckley is really (bleep!), er, tee-ing me off. His editorial questions what Bush was saying in his inaugural speech. He starts to pick apart Bush's statements, and as he does so, I realized that he really has nothing to pick apart. He is grasping at straws. Buckley himself makes no sense. Here's the deal, you screaming, nay-saying imbeciles on the Left: if you are going to pick something apart, at least make sure you have a good case, and that you don't come out sounding like an idiot yourself. Otherwise, keep your thoughts to yourself, and wait for the other side to make a serious mistake into which you can sink your teeth. Trust me, it will happen eventually. Note: No, Buckley is not liberal - I was reading other articles in the NY Times that were getting me irritated - written by the left-leaning (read: tipping over) journalists on staff - and then reading what Buckley had to say just sent me over the edge. A guy who is typically conservative in his viewpoint, and he's picking apart Bush's speech utilizing semantics?? At least use sensible arguments and strong points. So I got a little distracted in my own wording - good thing I'm not a paid journalist, eh?