Monday, January 31, 2005

Good Ol' Dems

What is up with the Democrats? You would think they would get tired of saying the same old stuff - and then contradicting themselves. The New York Times, that bastion of balanced news reporting, has an article today on the Democrat's "prebuttal" of Bush's State of the Union address. Of course, we have Nancy Pelosi:
In her comments, Ms. Pelosi says the Bush administration's claim that the Social Security program faces a crisis follows a White House pattern of exaggerating problems to enforce preconceived solutions. "We can solve this long-term challenge without dismantling the system, and without allowing this administration's false declaration of a crisis to justify a privatization plan that is unnecessary, unaffordable and unwise," the text said.
Exaggerating? Who has been moaning over the situation of our Social Security? Certainly not conservatives! Why? Because most of us are concerned with providing for ourselves and making sure we have our own retirement fund taken care of! Ms. Pelosi claims that Democrats are "skeptical" of the plan to privatize some funds that citizens are currently paying into the government's retirement system. So, let me get this straight: first they gripe and whine about how Social Security is going to be bankrupt by the time my generation needs it, and then, when a plan comes about that could rescue our retirement, it is all about conservatives exaggerating how bad the system is and there is no need to rush into anything. Thankfully, as a conservative, I could care less one way or the other. I already have a retirement plan that I am working on - taking care of myself as usual. Aside: Has it ever occurred to liberals that it is incredibly defensive to try to guess what the other side is going to do, and then respond before they have even done it? They have already shown their hand - which is why they consistently lose. Smart strategy involves knowing your foe, estimating what they may do, and then watching carefully and being prepared for anything - while not giving anything of your own strategy away.