Monday, January 31, 2005

The Comfort of Home

I was bagging newspapers this morning, when a fellow carrier and an asst. manager started talking about the Iraq elections. The carrier stated that "I guess the four people who showed up to vote" got a thrill out of getting ink on their finger, and the conversation degenerated from there. I reminded him that Iraq had a 72 percent turnout, to which I got the smart-ass statement that if we can't count our own votes accurately, how could we possible be accurate in relation to the Iraq votes? They made fun of the people and their intelligence. I wanted to tell them a thing or two, but this was not a battle that needed to be engaged, as these are small people with vicious little minds who will live only in their small world. I find it amazing how we can sit in the comfort of our democracy, vote for whomever we choose, without recrimination - except possibly the complaint of our spouse. The Iraqis risked their lives to vote - and were thankful for the opportunity. Yet we have idiots in our country who would malign these brave souls. It makes me sick.