Thursday, January 13, 2005

CBS Blues

It is amazing what hypocrites we are. Here's the reality: CBS used a fake documents to run a story, Rather was an idiot, and now a bunch of people were fired. BIG DEAL. We get mad at the left for glomming on to one thing Bush does wrong (or one thing they think he did wrong) and going to town with it - yet how is the right being any different? Are any of us really surprised that a news icon would lie? That they would run with a story before they had their facts straight? Newspapers do it all the time, and then print a tiny little line in an obscure section of the paper several days (or weeks) later retracting or correcting their initial lie. And no one ever knows any different. Please. Get over it. CBS lied. So did Rather. On with life. Additional note: Peggy Noonan's column is exactly the drivel I'm talking about. I'm not saying bloggers didn't have an effect in this situation, but the MSM is not suddenly going to start watching its step. No, instead it has decided to attack the blogging world and malign it. People who have always watched the news will continue to watch the news. Have we learned nothing from 9/11? Life has returned to normal, and outside a few security "irritations" when traveling, most of us feel safe and secure, and have forgotten how terrified we were. The CBS story has no where near the impact of a terrorist attack. It isn't going to change anything - only long-term determination and truth-seeking will ever make a difference....and that will take time and many, many more CBS stories.