Friday, January 28, 2005

Buster's Friend Has Two (Gay, Homosexual, Same-Sex, Both Female, Lesbian, Did I Mention Gay?) Mommies

One of my favorite people to flame has posted yet another fire-branding post. See here. Smallholder, Smallholder, Smallholder. ::shakes head:: Whatever am I to do with you? ::nudge, nudge, wink, wink:: I too think the Christian elite is taking the wrong track - but I disagree with the Buster cartoon as well. Here is my issue with such ridiculous portrayals in cartoons: Who wants to have to explain to their children about homosexuality when their kids are still young enough to be engrossed by cartoons? Personally, it is less about the acceptance of homosexuality - which is no skin of my nose - than about the need to push an agenda. I don't know how the cartoon plays it out, but if it is just a child who lives with his family, who cares? But if they are specifying and overtly describing the same-sex couple as homosexual or gay, it is unnecessary. Kids don't look past the surface until they start to mature into regular TV, and there is no reason why we have to have a big fuss over a family's sexual roles. Just call it a family, and continue on. I guess it goes back to my original argument - stop defining people by their sexual preference, gender, race, religious association, etc., and define them by who they are as people. It does not matter if the family is same-sex or opposite-sex, as long as they are good family. The more we draw attention to it, the less we notice the positive aspects, and the more hate grows. Let it be "no big deal," and people will have less concern. Just my thoughts, of course.