Friday, January 28, 2005

A Brave New Post

Bill Keezer has a thought-inducing post on an attempt to keep the acknowledgment of the American Nazi Party's road-cleaning off the roads.
What kind of nation are we becoming that we can't stand anything different from ourselves? No one is asking that the Nazis be accepted or approved. If they are cleaning up a road, they are actually contributing to this country. Placing a sign acknowledging their contribution is fair, and does not constitute endorsement, regardless of what people think.
I receive regular propaganda from Jewish organizations, reminding me never to forget. I have also received anti-semitic literature, thrown with rocks at my front door. I cannot, however, demand that the sons pay for the sins of their fathers. Just as I do not owe anyone because our forefathers owned slaves (my family came over as farmers and peasants, anyway), neither can we insist banning free speech, because it comes from a direction that we once feared. The minute we censor one person's freedom of speech, we have censored it for us all. Either let them post the signs acknowledging the American Nazi Party's community service - or censor them and take down your religious slogans, personal statements, and memorials. Because you're next.