Friday, January 21, 2005

Beware of High Aspirations

Thank goodness Peggy Noonan was not one of our Founding Fathers. If it was up to her, we would have stuck with a monarchy, rather than trying to form a government for which we had no precedent - not a long-standing successful one, anyway. If you can, read her latest column and see what I mean. She criticized President Bush's inaugural address, claiming he is too out of touch with reality and perfection, and needs to be more grounded in his aims. What did Bush say? He talked about ending tyrannies throughout the world and "....Renewed in our strength--tested, but not weary--we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom." Noonan thinks the president is shooting too high. He needs to be more grounded. Does she think we should pick and choose who should live under tyranny? Would she be happier if the President had said "....we are ready for the grestest of mediocre achievement in the history of freedom"? Ms. Noonan needs to realize that this country was not founded on mediocre hopes and possible concepts. This country was fueled on dreams and blood, and these people fought and died for concepts that were bigger than ever dreamed possible. Our lives, our concepts, what we believe - it is greater than they would have imagined possible. They had never seen a successful democracy - not on this scale. And for all our faults, look how far we have come? I'm not sure what Ms. Noonan's goal was in her column. As any coach knows, you have to ask for the impossible to gain what it possible. And as any President knows, you go after the big dreams, in hopes of attaining a better reality.