Saturday, January 15, 2005


I finally got my computer back after a week of it being in the shop. I had no idea I could miss an inanimate object so much. So back to blogging like a maniac. A couple things I have noticed during my blog scan this evening: *If he wasn't so freakin' brilliant, I'd hate him. Sean actually takes all his pictures himself. I had no idea. I am going to go crawl in my hole now. *My adoration of the guys over at Naked Villainy is unmitigated. Smallholder is ever the gentleman in his response to my and other's posts regarding community colleges. I too wish I had been part of such conversations. *Whoo! You don't want to piss Steve of JusTalkin off - he'll get you back! He has a very impassioned post on the idiot, er, dumbass, that is trying to get rid of "under God" in our pledge of allegiance - hey, his words, not mine! *Bill over at Bill's Comments is way over my head with this complicated proof. Personally, I like accounting and basic algebra, but don't get me started with logic and math. As usual, he astounds me with his neverending brilliance. He is a good man - and a smart one; it is my privilege to call him friend. *Keith found a reason to hold off on judgment regarding Bush's decision to go to war. See here. That is one man I would never want to argue with.... *"Father, I come to confess my sins" - well, if she was Catholic that's what she'd be saying. Who'd a thunk Peg at What if? was a devious chic? She is confessing her sins but I'm sure she's done much more naughty and fun things than those - come on, Peg, give us the goods!