Tuesday, December 28, 2004


In an interesting new blog discovery, I found this article mentioned. It questions how we can rectify the age-old question, "Where is God?" when catastrophe strikes. In our most recent example, 30,000 (and probably more) people have died, all because of a natural disaster. Why didn't God protect us? Why did this happen? I've never had a problem with such questions, but then, I don't hold with some "Christian" religious beliefs. It is my opinion that such things happen as a result of the human condition. It isn't God's fault, but rather a result of the natural order of the world. And while this tragedy is horrific, it is just part of life. If you try to find a divine reason behind every event, you'll go crazy. When you are going through difficult experiences, we are angry and search for blame, but on the other side of it, we have to accept that this is life - we have no influence except in how we behave and respond. If we seek to try to control the world and other people, we will be fruitless in our attempts and miserable. We only have control over ourselves. Mind you, it is easy to spout philosophy when you are not facing down a 300 ft. wave, but then, I guess that is when we have time to logic things out. In the midst of tragedy, we can only try to survive.