Saturday, December 18, 2004

Where's Your Morality?

Ah, yes, in the middle of this heart-warming season, we have yet another reality show meant to tug those heart-strings. Only, I think somebody goofed. "Who's Your Daddy?" is the title of Fox's latest forray into reality TV. A woman who claims to have been adopted at 6 weeks old will interview a panel of old men, one of which is her father. She has to figure out which one. Now, let's put aside the incredible idiocy of this idea....what about the psychological trauma that this woman is putting herself through? And for what end? Is she getting paid for this? (I don't know.) Any child who has imagined who their lost parent is - seeing vestiges in the face of a stranger, picturing their parent as they are today - can tell you it is not an entertaining moment. Now we are going to watch a television show of an attractive young woman trying to figure out who her father is. Who the hell is watching this kind of tripe? It is up there with that wife-switch show. Who thinks this is a good idea? Has anyone ever heard of right and wrong? Empathy? Non-psychopathic behavior? What does this tell you about where we have arrived as a people? What television exec went, "Yes, that is just the show to promote"? I'm not sure if psychopathic behavior is catching, but if so, I hope there is a vaccine against it. Otherwise, we'll soon be wathing, "Who's your Daddy?" where 5 year old foster children try to pick out their strung out parentage from behind bars. Wouldn't that be fun?