Saturday, December 11, 2004

Warm Fuzzies - Right This Way

This Christmas rush is insane. I have sat in traffic most of the day, just to accomplish mundane, routine tasks - I had to wait in traffic just to get to my gym! I have dealth with rude shoppers, rude clerks, and rude drivers. I've been honked at, had fingers pointed at me (I admit, I flicked her off - hey, I was at my wits end!), and had several other drivers glare at me, despite the fact I used all appropriate directional signals on my truck, drive the speed limit, and follow traffic laws. I HAVE HAD IT! Anyone else on my list who needs a gift will either get something homemade, or it will be from an online store. There is NO WAY I'm going through this again. OY! I know, it's that warm-fuzzy time of the year....Well, my temper is hot, and my hair is on end - does that qualify as warm and fuzzy?! However, in the midst of this nightmare we call Christmas cheer, I gave up on the typical shopping places and stopped at a small jewelry store near my home. I needed to have something engraved, and to purchase a little something for my best friend. There is nothing quite like small, privately-owned stores - polite, social, and efficient, I had all my needs taken care of in no time at all, an extra discount applied because they know me, and I can pay for it all when I pick it up (What? They trust me to pay my bill?). What a great experience. I hope you have all finished your shopping, or have at least deemed it saner to do your shopping online. Otherwise, you better ask your special someone to get you a Christmas gift certificate to a shrink - dated for January. You are going to need it!