Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Talking Out Your Ass

As I was sweating my way through a run on a treadmill, I noticed I was staring at the butt of the girl in front of me. No, I'm not investigating my lesbian tendencies - mind you, she had a nice ass, if I'm any judge. No, I was mesmerized by the fact she had the name of a semi-local beach printed on the back of her shorts. Why any woman, or man, for that matter, would want something advertised on their buttocks is beyond me. Aren't most of us relatively self-conscious about our posterior? Do we really want something to draw even more attention to those more (or less) attractive hunks of flesh? I've seen this on little girls' shorts as well - things like "sexy," "hot," or "princess," in fancy, sassy lettering. Are we trying to encourage the perverts here, or is it just me? I, on the other hand, who have no butt to speak of in the first place, try not to draw attention to my considerable lack of ass by not wearing things that provide a disclaimer or witticism on my butt cheeks. Then again, perhaps I'm just weird that way.