Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sexual Identity

I read this letter on the Analphilosopher's blog. You know, in all my years as a heterosexual, I've never walked around proclaiming my "straightness." I've proclaimed my student-hood, my pms-woman-hood, my working-my-butt-off-hood, but never the fact that I'm straight. The thing is, who cares? Unless you are about to ask me out, does anyone really care who I sleep with? Certainly not my employer or friends. So why there is a problem with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy? I've never discussed my sexuality with my boss or co-workers. I may mention that I have a significant other, but it is never a topic of conversation. The other thing that is absolutely unbelievable to me is why people act like this shouldn't matter. I don't agree with women in combat - say what you want, I think it is a bad idea, unless you are going to have a unit of women. That's right, a unit made up solely of women is the only way I can handle women in combat. Otherwise I think it is wrong. Here's why: it is natural for men to want to protect women - it is in their nature. In addition, we are rarely as strong, or as physically capable as our male counterparts. (There are exceptions, but I'm going with generalities for now.) That is not to say that women don't have strengths that make us equal to men - we do indeed, but our strengths are different and unique to our gender. It is part of what makes us different. I happen to like it that way, though there are some days I query the skies as to why I had to be made female. Nonetheless, it is also a known fact that people often meet and are attracted to each other at work. Multiply that personal contact many, many times over, add in the danger of war and combat, and just imagine the passions it must ignite? Now let's get back to gays in the military. Be as alternative lifestyle as you want - who cares? But when you are attracted to someone, it is an incredible distraction. Remember the last time you had a crush? How many exits did you pass on the highway? How many extra stops did you make on the way home to pick up a little something? How often did you try to step a little closer if only to brush fingers or take a whiff? Hmm? That is the problem with having gay men in the military (or gay women). You take too much risk that distraction could lose a life. If no one knows, and it is kept under your hat, everyone can do their job as best as possible. That doesn't mean that attraction won't occur, but if it is not allowed to be on the surface, more stress will be taken to keep it quiet and keep warm-fuzzies to a minimum. If you are gay, don't feel put upon. I think women should be either in their own units, or not in combat positions at all. Everybody can hate me equally.