Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Revlon Ruminations

As I was reading the good professor's blog today, I found his link to this article. Should women have to wear make-up in the work place? I am torn on this. I do not wear make-up. That is not to say I never have - I am quite gifted with the stuff, and used to wear it daily. I got tired of having a permanent impression of my face on my clothing if I accidentally touched my face or changed clothing, so I stopped. I could probably use it, as I'm pale with pale eyes. Nonetheless, for the last year, I only use it when going out on the town. Working for the state is a semi-professional gig. I wear jeans and sweatshirts to work - nice jeans and sweatshirts, mind you. We can either dress up, or not. It is our choice. Perhaps if I had an important position and not an entry level job, I would dress up more. But my wardrobe is limited, as is my wallet, so I dress comfy. But no one sees me, so who cares? If my workplace required that women wear make-up, I would be paused in my tracks. However, put yourself in the position of a bar owner. You would want your bartenders looking top-notch. Why? Because if men (or women) find your bartenders attractive, they are likely to come back. You don't actually believe that men go to Hooters for the wings, do you? Please. Their business - and how their employees look - is a commodity. It is privately owned. Appearance is important. I really don't see the difference between demanding that women wear make-up and enforcing a dress code. Women and men wear different styles of clothing for the most part. You have to regulate what you will allow in a dress code according to the gender. I remember a restaurant in Florida, where the men wore old-style tuxedos with leather shoes....and the women wore tight-fitting tuxedo-style jackets, with underwear-like shorts with a black ruffle along the edge, complete with fishnet stockings and high heels. Who do you think was more comfortable in their clothing at the end of the day? (Or during the day, if you are self-conscious!) If you don't want to wear a specific uniform or make-up, then don't work there. Work somewhere else. Otherwise, you better go spend some time at the Lancome counter.