Saturday, December 18, 2004


Despite my humbug attitude towards the holidays and my lack of involvement, the food of the season has still found its way into my path. As a heavy child and pudgy teenager, I am very sensitive to weight issues and weight gain. I can tell if I've gained half of a pound, merely by glancing down at my tum. And I'm just paranoid enough to care. Of course, I come from a grossly obese family, which explains my near-obsession with weight - something that nearly killed me as a youth. So I exercise. Yes, guys, I'm in there with ya, lifting the big-man weights and running my guts off on the treadmill or eliptical machine. The last few weeks, since my job change, I've been especially dedicated, and my muscles are cut and hard again (figures it is in the middle of winter and not during bikini season!). It is an amazing feeling - all the emotions and frustrations of the day seem to melt away. Since I rarely get enough sleep (usually betwen 4-5 hours during the week) I am often very tired, but after you put in a good burn, you feel physically tired....but you'd be surprised how long you can go for. My point - and I do have one - is that my gym recently started a holiday challenge. Between the 30th of November and the end of December, you have to log a certain number of workouts. There are three different levels, and at each level, you earn a certain prize. Prizes are T-shirts, calendars, etc. and even a free month. I could care less about the prizes - it is the challenge that got me. I have no idea why, but I haven't missed a planned workout since I decided to go for the challenge. No one knows my "score" except me, but I'm determined. Funny, the things that motivate us.