Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Male Organ

And of course, I am referring the male mind. Yeah. The Maximum Leader, one of my first blog checks of the day, has an amusing post regarding men and how intimidated they are when considering asking a woman out. Ah, yes. Be sure to read the link, which is particularly amusing. Ironically enough, women rarely realize that men have such a problem asking them out. Having been turned down at 15, trying to be a modern woman and ask a guy out, I certainly appreciate it (I'll NEVER ask a guy out again). In fact, it is the only reason my boyfriend and I got together. He sounded so nervous when he finally got up the nerve to do it (it only took him 2 months of dialing my number and then hanging up before it rang), I didn't have the heart to turn him down. Even though he broke two of my rules of dating: 1) I worked with him AND was his manager; 2) I wasn't supposed to date anyone for a year in a self-imposed celibacy oath (so much for that!). So, guys, when in doubt, go for it, and look really pathetic. She will either feel sorry for you and take a chance, or she'll have no respect for your nerve-laden image and insult you. Hm. Glad I'm not a guy.