Monday, December 27, 2004

Looking "Cool"

I recently heard a commercial on the radio regarding the local "Bethesda Mission" here in Harrisburg. The voice over states that many people do not know what it is like to go without a meal, much less several days without meals - in so mentioning, they hope to encourage people to give money. As someone who has gone without food in her life, I had mixed emotions regarding the commercial - no doubt because I over-analyze everything. Nonetheless, apparently a few more people need to experience life without food.... Today's children are not eating in the school cafeteria because it makes them look poor.
"School breakfast definitely suffers from an image problem," said Nicole Woo, senior policy analyst for the Food Research and Action Center in Washington, D.C. "We've heard in focus groups from low-income moms who say that their children don't want to be seen in the cafeteria in the morning, that they'd rather go hungry."
Source Excuse me? Then let the vain little buggers go hungry. Imagine going hungry because eating at the cafeteria would affect your popularity? And I find it disgusting that we have spoiled our children so badly that they would look down on someone because they ate at the cafeteria. When I was in school, it was uncool to bring your own lunch. Eating at the cafeteria was cool, because it meant you got to choose what you wanted to eat. Not anymore, apparently. I'm not a parent, so this statement may seem a bit bold. But parents need to get their butts into gear and start raising their children to appreciate what they have in life and stop being so damn petty over what determines popularity. It is bad enough that we have allowed life to get so busy that we can't even provide a nutritious breakfast at the kitchen table for our kids. Now we have snobby brats who turn their nose up at eating the very food our tax dollars help provide them with. Aside: I pack a food bag for my boyfriend every workday for two reasons: 1) otherwise, he eats crap all day long, and his cholesterol is already high; 2) it saves money if he buys the food at the store for his lunch, rather than eat out everyday. In his bag, I include homemade muffins and a granola bar for breakfast, plus all his lunch stuffs. He loves it - it shows him I care about him, and he gets a kick out of all the stuff I put in his lunch. He thanks me every day for taking the time to do it. His buddies at work are jealous, and always tease him about getting me to pack their lunches too. It is too bad many parents are missing out on this opportunity to show their kids how much they care.