Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's Just Semantics

"Kidnapping resulting in death." Hm. Doesn't that sound - less threatening, shall we say, than, oh.....I don't know....stranglation, 1st degree murder, and butchery. But insanity is such a hard bargaining tool when faced with 1st degree murder. But "kidnapping resulting in death" just sounds like a big oopsie, doesn't it? One of those "Damn, I just hate when that happens, don't you?" The poor woman just wanted a dog - and a baby. It is a shame Scott Peterson didn't get those kind of words - "deep-sea fishing resulting in death." Who could blame a man for a mishap out on a boat that just happened to kill his wife and his unborn child? The poor man just wanted to catch some fish, after all! Speaking of which, have you noticed how the baby in Peterson's trial was referred to as an "unborn child," so far that they named the child. But with this Montgomery woman, it is nothing more than a fetus. Be sure to see Peg Kaplan's writeup and linkage about this story. Don't you just love our unbiased media?