Thursday, December 30, 2004

I Told You So

I hate those four words, but too often, I am either on the receiving or giving end of that statement. This time, it is the giving end. And it is one of those times I hate being right. Good, decent men find it hard to believe that innocent, sensitive women can be monsters in sheep's clothing. In fact, every time my roommate is in an "I Hate Men" mode, I remind her just how monstrous women can be. Reality is, I've seen women do things that non-sociopathic men would never do. I'm convinced our elevated emotions and nurturing nature, which seems more developed than most guys', is also what allows us to swing to such evil extremes. So, a lesson to all you good, decent men out there. No matter how sweet and kind-hearted she is, never forget this: We kill our young. I know, it seems a bit odd to say that, but it is true. And it is a valuable lesson. Don't get me wrong - there are kind, decent women out there for whom this is not an issue. But just as women complain about never being sure whether the guy is good one or not, choosing a woman is the same thing. And if you have children with her, she has your achilles' heel on a short leash. Be careful who you reproduce with. I've long known I was a bit off on the female spectrum. I don't manipulate with my emotions, I hate shopping for myself, and I detest large groups of women sitting around talking. In many ways, I'm thankful - I'll never do what I witnessed another woman doing last night. I'd never hurt someone to get them back. I'd never hurt children because I was out to hurt someone else. And I would never sit in my rightness, without any thought as to whether or not I might be wrong. Too bad many women, and men, put their own feelings above those of their children.