Monday, December 27, 2004

Hockey Observations

I attended a Hershey Bears game last night (hockey - minor league) - it was my first hockey game ever. I enjoyed the sport, though I was fascinated and a bit disappointed by the behavior. I watched grown men, old enough to know better, beat the hell out of each other. And don't tell me it is the heat of the moment. They are in the process of trying to shrug out of their protection so they can really go at it - that required some thought. That is not the goal of hockey. The goal is to get the puck into the goal and prevent the other team from doing the same. I wrote an earlier post on football, and how amazed I was by the camaraderie I witnessed amid such a "violent" game. In football, the goal is to pummel another player and stop him in his tracks. They literally fight each other to gain ground, and yet when it is over, they help each other up and get on with life. Players and coaches and referees might get into shouting matches, but fist fights are not everyday occurrences. I would go to another hockey game, as I enjoyed the atmosphere and watching the "home" team. However, I find it interesting that in a game where aggression is the goal - football - there is less violent behavior than in hockey and basketball, where aggression is unnecessary to play the game.