Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Monday

Are we all back to work? Well, some of us are. The floor in my dept. is nearly empty, proclaiming the late-sleeping habits of those who took the day off. I hope your holiday found you well. I had a surprisingly calm holiday. I have been asked, "Did you get everything you wanted?" I had to think about that. In all honesty, while there are dreams and wishes of the future that I "want" to happen, I truly do have everything I want. I have a roof over my head, a fantastic dog who ignores me, and a nice boyfriend. Friends are about, and I have my health (okay, my hip bothers me, and so does my knee, and then there's my shoulder, and of course my....), so things could be much worse. So in many ways, I am blessed. Something else occurred to me over the holiday - which I am very proud to report: everything I can do to make my life a success, I am doing. That is quite a statement to be able to make. And I'm not trying to sound pretentious. But think about it: is there something you could be doing to improve your life? Is it something you can feasibly fit into your schedule? Can you afford to do it? As we think of the new year and the inevitable resolutions we foolishly make, what could you do to improve your life and the lives of those around you? Sure, I could be developing my music skills, getting over the things that still drag me down in life, and taking more educational courses - but there is no time, money, or energy in my schedule to do those things. Music has to be on the back seat for now, I'm sorting through the frustrating things in my life as best I can and making progress, and I'm in school. That is all my schedule can take. So is there more I could do? Possibly. Is it possible for me to do them? Nope. Before you get on yourself and try to make commitments you may not be able to keep, consider your life and what you do - are you happy? Do you try to lighten the load of those around you? If there is something that you can add and still be human and enjoy life, by all means - don't hesitate. But if it will simply stress you further, then let it go. There is more to life than killing ourselves to improve it - sometimes it is good just the way it is: flawed and in a rut.