Monday, December 27, 2004

Give It a Rest!

This article in the USA Today is so out of touch. Last time I checked, religion and politics are still taboo topics in public conversation. It is no surprise that it is a hot issue in the classroom. And unless absolutely necessary, professors should strive to keep the current political/religious/social issues either a) out of the classroom, or b) open to debate by the students, while the professor maintains an unbiased attitude. For the most part, that has been my experience in the classroom. I've had a few professors who have dared express their political views, but I live in such a conservative area, they ended up getting an earful from the students. That was the end of that. College is for educating people - not for spreading an agenda, be it conservative or liberal. If professors want to discuss current events, they need to do so with an open mind, and learn to walk the center line. It is not their pulpit from which to spread their opinions - it is their opportunity to encourage free-thinking: a concept that has become obsolete to the detriment to today's college students.