Saturday, December 18, 2004

General Advice Question

Okay, guys, here's the question - the dude in at Wal-mart said these were the ones to go with, and now I'm not sure. I have a boyfriend who gets more excited walking into Lowe's than a woman walking into Bloomie's with a new credit card....and he wants drill bits. Wal-mart has Black & Decker Titanium drill bits, set of 20, and the guy in the blue smock said they were good ones. Now, mind you, I'm near broke here, so I can't afford a lot. These were $17.00. 1. Are they decent? 2. Would you want them for the holidays? 3. Will they last during regular usage? All replies are appreciated (and if there are female readers who know anything about this, don't feel slight - feel free to respond. I just know most of us let the guys do the stuff where you can lose a finger.)