Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Fragile Ego

Here is a man with a fragile ego. You have to have some sympathy for the guy. He is actually comparing himself, with his years of experience and education, to bloggers. He holds himself on the same level as bloggers. Ain't that pitiful? Here is a man who has made a name for himself, worked hard to obtain his standing and salary, and he is in a corner, crying uncontrollably, and pointing fingers at a couple of guys who just happen to have a following. No one is calling them reporters. They do not get paid on the basis of the stories they write. They get paid on the basis of the advertising they do. If he wants to do that, then he needs to get his own blog and start attracting readers who might click on his ads. I don't get it. I've worked hard for years. I've have all sorts of experience, could even be considered an amateur expert in a couple of fields. I'm not walking around mad because someone else got to have the "attention" and I didn't. It is like being jealous of celebrities. I happen to think Jessica Simpson can't sing a whit (I won't even get in to Brittany Spears-Fetterline) - yeah, she's got a body, but then she should be a model, not a singer. I would put my voice against hers any day. But she gave a shot, stuck with it, and for reasons I can only base on two prominent features of her anatomy, she made it, and I'm still singin' in the shower with my dog as an audience. Life is funny that way. So I'll find another way. Nick Coleman needs some counseling for his low self-esteem - either that or a kick in the pants. Maybe both. Before he loses his career as a reporter because of his incessant whining. It gets old after a while.