Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I have spent my last two weeks involved in a study review and power point presentation for my adult development class in college. The study I chose involves communication in marital relationships, and the differences between how husbands and wives deal with conflict/resolution. We were instructed to use our text to support our thoughts. As I read the text, looking for information that pertained to my report, I was getting frustrated. Our text was written by a woman, and was supposedly about adult development. However, all this woman was concerned about was talking about women get the shaft in adult development. Women are limited in the workplace, women are left with the responsibility of solving problems in relationships, women have a hard time in childhood, etc. I have yet to read one passage where she acknowledged that men do not have the smoothest ride, either. We were discussing women in the workplace in class last night, and the text suggested that women often have interrupted, sporadic work histories that interfere with a woman's abilities to obtain a pension, get promotions, etc., while men have uninterrupted work histories which give them the benefit of pensions, higher wages, and so on. All types of reasons were presented as to why women have interrupted sporadic work histories - child-bearing, child-rearing, responsible for caring for family members who are infirm....all of which are accurate reasons. Of course, I had to add my $.02 - did anyone ever consider that the reason men have uninterrupted work histories is because they have less choices than women? They have to go right to work when they get out of school....or get in the bread line. They can't decide to get pregnant, and be a stay-at-home mom, or work part-time jobs to supplement the family income. (Yes, there are exceptions to this, but they are just that: exceptions.) What else is there for men to do except work? I know there are any number of women who would argue with me - knock yourself out. But no one is going to convince me that women are that hard up in this day and age. We have amazing opportunities, the ability to do just about anything we want to do, so long as we are capable, and yet women are still complaining. Our text claims that women still only make $.75 for every $1.00 a man makes....and that disparity is in large part to the ability to work without limitation. Many women want to be home for the children, can't work over-time, and may not have the flexible schedules men have. If you want the same thing a man has, than either do not have children, or choose someone who wants to stay home with your children or split the responsibility more equally. See? All kinds of choices in life....we just don't like the consequences of them.