Sunday, November 07, 2004

Whose Body Do You Control?

I don't have much left in me today after a long work day and not much sleep, but this is one thing that hit me Friday night, and I just have not had time to blog on it yet. Warning: the following may or may not be coherent. I was reading something - I don't remember what - that (once again) used the statement, "a woman's right to have control over her own body." Doesn't that sound noble? After all, we want control over our own body, right? We don't want anyone else to have that control - unless of course it is someone we appoint in the event of our inability to make decisions. Besides that - isn't that a human right? Isn't that what we've fought for when we fought against slavery, women as property, children's rights, etc.? Okay, fair enough - we can probably all (okay, most) agree that control over one's own body is an American ideal, if not a human one. Given that, then who has control of the body of the unborn child? We have laws that protect children when they are unable to protect themselves. Yet there seems to be no laws regarding the protection of the unborn child. Technically, given that abortion supposedly gives women control over their bodies, the unborn child is not an individual. It is merely part of the woman's body - and under her control. So if that child is not anything more than part of her body over which she has control - why is Lacy Peterson's trial a double homicide? Suddenly we have laws that protect an unborn child from someone who would stop his/her existence. And if this isn't typical American logic - we protect the unborn child from murder if the act is done by a stranger. If the act is done by the mother, the unborn child has no rights. Someone, please, explain this to me? As a woman, sexually active and not wanting to have children - not anytime in the near future anyway - I am trying to understand this logic. If I don't want my child, I can kill it off, and claim that I have the right to my own body and what I do with it. If someone else tries to kill it, and I decide I want the child, then the child has been murdered. Give me some sense here, 'cause I'm missing it.