Friday, November 12, 2004

Warning: Bad Language Ahead

F!@# Jimmy Carter. I don't know where the hell this man has been living or what rock he calls home, but let's get his sorry ass over to a UN country quick....perhaps he should be a neighbor to Kofi Annan. At least they could discuss murdering, torturing dictators and what a blessing they are to the world over their morning tea and crumpets and stop dirtying up our soil with his useless, ass-kissing hide. I find him absolutely dispicable in his eulogizing over a mass-murderer. I am sorry he was ever a US President. It is one thing to differ on politics and the social policies necessary to run a country....but terrorism is not up for debate. There is no in-between. Thank God President Bush is in the White House and not some sorry sap like Carter. Otherwise we'd not only be saying flowery messages over Arafat's death....we'd no doubt be declaring national holidays and naming streets and airports after him in honor of his memory. I think I'll just spit on the sidewalk in honor of that man's memory, and wish him a fiery corner in hell.