Monday, November 08, 2004

Wake Me When They Get It

I think I'll be sleeping awhile. Sean at Everything I Know Is Wrong has an excellent post today about the Left and their inability to "get it." He is absolutely on top of it. As I listen to the radio commentary and news shows, it is obvious they are not going to understand who conservatives are. A couple of my own observations: 1) They did not have a middle of the road candidate. Kerry was a leftist. There was no middle of the road milquetoast. He was not a supporter of our war and how it should be fought. He wanted to give it up to a bunch of dictators and foreign leaders - the very people who would be more than happy to watch us sink. 2) There are plenty of conservatives and moderates who are unhappy with Bush. We just like him on the war. I still don't agree with Bush on his social policies. He might as well be a Democrat when you look at all the federal spending he signed. 3) Religion ain't the issue. Many of us are not religious. We just agree on the morals and values of those who are. In fact, those who are or are not religious aren't standing on just religion for their morals. Many believe in logic and do not care for double standards. Go figure. 4) Being aggressive and offensive doesn't work. You need to reach out to people and try to understand them - or at least act like you want to. Calling them names and suggesting that they are "ignorant bigots" is not a great way to win them over to your side. Could just be me, but that's my experience. 5) Sincerity goes a long way. Talking great and sounding eloquent doesn't do much good. Bill Clinton was not known as an eloquent speaker - he was a good speaker. He could reach you during his speeches because of his ability to look like the "Everyman" and the simple way he said things (thanks to his writers). Gore had the same style of speeches, just no charisma. Kerry didn't have either. 6) Hillary Clinton is a bitch. Sorry, that is a fact. And those who don't think she is a bitch, think she is a wimpy-assed, stand-by-my-cheatin'-man idiot. Now, some may value bitchy women....usually only those who sell T-shirts that say "bitch" across the chest, but perhaps there are others. And those that value the wimpy-assed, stand-by-my-cheatin'-man idiot are cheatin' men. Perhaps that is enough to make up a base of voters. I bettin' probably not. You want to get the vote? Go for the middle. The only reason Bush won this election was that he is in the middle. If he had been an extremist, regardless of the war, I believe he would have lost. But he hit the broadest base of voters by being relatively moderate. He may lean right, but usually not enough for most conservaties. Of course, I'm no political strategist. Perhaps I have a point, even so.