Thursday, November 04, 2004

On to Better Things

In so many ways.... I'll take four more years of Bush over Kerry, any day of the week. And, I'll admit to a wee bit of gloating over the victory. Be sure to check out the AnalPhilosopher's site for some amusing liberal frustrations. It is one thing to lose....but to call 50 million people stupid? This is why liberals have lost the last two elections. They just don't get that there's a whole other half of the country that's conservative. Luckily, conservatives get it. And now I can blog about other issues and not my political football, world issues, why all men are jerks....wait, wait, sorry guys - the remote left me stuck on Lifetime TV last night, and I was momentarily brainwashed. Whew, glad that's over - have to go watch some Spike TV just to balance it out. ;) And don't forget, the Eagles play the Steelers on Sunday....and us PA dwellers are at each other's throats to see who wins.