Friday, November 05, 2004

Liberal Woes

Only two days since Pres. Bush was re-elected, and I'm already tiring of the rhetoric. My favorite, though, was today on Fox News. They were interviewing someone named Major Garrett (I'm not sure if that is his first name or his title - I think it is his first name), who stated that he did not know where President Bush thought he got his political "capital." According to Garrett, the exit polls suggest that voters prefer liberal, progressive ideals - they just don't vote that way. Wait a that by me again?! So we really are a bunch of liberals in conservative clothing....and we are just too stupid to know how to vote. Ah, there we go. Those are the liberals we know and love....they just can't believe there is anyone out there who could possible believe anything other than what they KNOW to be true. For some more amusement, here are the headlines in the UK. Good thing we are not relying on them for our national and international Kerry preferred to do. They do not even understand diversity.