Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Flying Beer and Other Oddities

The AnalPhilosopher has a good post on the quandary left by the basketball fiasco reported this weekend. What to do? I can't say I'm surprised by it. I am absolutely stunned by the bad behavior exhibited by fans of sports - nasty, cruel comments shouted at each other, at the sports players, at those involved in the production of the game, violent actions, vandalism, petty, rude gestures and physical attacks. and just all-around bad behavior. Why has it come to this? Supposedly we are a civilized nation....yet by our politics and our sports, you would never know it. I remember, in gym class, we were taught good sportsmenship. You were supposed to behave respectfully regardless of whether you won or lost. It did not matter how frustrated, angry, or depressed you were over the outcome, you still congratulated the other team and shook their hand. Where has this gone? Why are we teaching our children something we as adults do not even begin to model? The players are definitely at fault and must be responsible for their behavior. However, the fans also should be held accountable. I suppose what we need is to police the stands....pathetic, isn't it? We need to resort to means that are typically used in kindergarten and grade school. I would say we should demand that people behave respectfully, but as any public school teacher can tell you - Good luck on that one. But the players and the fans should have to adhere to certain acceptable behaviors or otherwise - they're outta there.