Friday, November 05, 2004


When thinking stops, extremism takes over. I'm convinced this is the case. As I was talking to some folks about the election, I am amazed how dramatic they become. "Four more years!" as though it is a death sentence for our country. Let me tell you, I thought Clinton was a nightmare....but after 8 years, we made it through. There is no President who has done that much damage that we can't come back from it. Lord knows, we've had enough of them now to be able to say that. Yet you would think that conservatives are the worst people ever. Honestly, I've yet to meet anyone logical and rational who said that about liberals....yet they can sling mud at us all we want. Anyone that voted for Bush is an idiot, ill-informed, a right-wing wack, religious zealot....and the list goes on. Funny, I don't call myself any of those things. Check out the AnalPhilosopher's posts from today and you'll see what I mean. He highlights several pieces of incredible hatred towards the right-leaning crowd. WOW. I don't understand why liberal-leaning groups HAVE TO BE right and everyone else HAS TO BE wrong. Talk about craziness.