Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I've been watching CNN and the Drudge Report most of the evening (one of the advantages [??] of working in the wee hours of the morning) and the more I watch, the more I hope....the reality of Kerry being elected is not frightening - it is demoralizing. This is not about the difference in ideals - most of us want the same things. It is the ways of accomplishing our ideals that differs. No, I just can't bear to see a man so undeserving of the office receive the honor. I never cared for Bill Clinton. In many ways, he also talked on both sides of issues. But he was a Democrat, with Democrat policies, and while I may not have cared for him, I could not get too uptight about him. He just was. Kerry, on the other hand, is morally bankrupt, has an embarrassing professional history, and is a weak candidate on every issue. He will not honor our men and women serving in the military - how could he, when his track record shows his true colors? They will not be honored if he is elected, at least not by our government offices, and that is sad to me. For their sake, and of course, for other reasons as well, I do hope Bush is re-elected. He is the stronger man for the job, and to me, that is regardless of party affiliation. I never liked him before, but I have learned to respect him. Let's hope he gets four more years so our troops and our country can have honor.