Friday, November 19, 2004

Child Welfare

If you haven't already read these, be sure to catch up (see here and here). Steve Rugg has been keeping track of this case, and quite honestly, if it weren't so incredibly atrocious, it would just be weird. I honestly believe, with the acceptance of abortion, the convenience of (unnecessary) day care, the selfishness of our culture....we have turned into monsters who no longer appreciate their greatest asset. You hear people talk about custody cases with regards to divorce, and everyone assumes that if you are a decent parent, you will have partial custody if not joint custody, regardless of whether you are the mother or father. Yet you see frightening cases where decent parents lose total custody of their child, with monitored visitation or no visitation at all. And then you read a case like the one Steve reported. How? Why? There are no questions that could satisfy or excuse this judge's decision. I don't have children....I'm not confident I want them. But I treasure them and value their precious lives. How anyone could harm a child is beyond me....but in my opinion, this judge, the legal system that makes and stands by a decision like this one, is the worst monster in this case. When our justice system does not protect its innocents, and allows the evil to hurt them....we have larger problems than we realized.