Wednesday, November 10, 2004

But What Color Are You?

That is the important question, right? Who cares who you are or where you are from, it is all about race. Race is one topic I've had about all I can handle. What the !@#$% does it matter? It is a freakin' skin pigment!!! Who cares? Yet in less than three days, I've dealt with it in these situations: 1) At work, some guys said that would not "bang" a woman who had slept with a black man. Mind you, their other qualifications for her was that she had to be breathing, but by gosh, if she's been with someone who is other than lilly white, they are going to turn up their nose. (Ignoring the morality of the whole discussion and the treatment of women as sexual objects.) 2) In class last night, we had the wonderful affirmative action discussion. We watched a video about affirmative action and UCLA. Then we discussed the ways in which affirmative action was intended to work, didn't work, and why we should or should not continue with it. A joyous discussion, as I'm sure you can imagine. 3) We have a nominee for attorney general, and look at that - He's Hispanic. Mind you, he's also a Republican, so we can be assured the Democrats will suddenly be color-blind. But who cares if he is the first Hispanic attorney general? How about he be a good attorney general? I would hope that is more important. To those who have dealt with race issues, I am not intending to be insensitive. Quite the opposite, as I am always baffled by the importance and prejudice we place on something as ridiculous and unimportant as skin color. Oy.