Thursday, November 25, 2004

Blogger Thanksgiving

Little miss negative-butt-around-the-holidays is getting her act into gear and being thankful if it kills her. Yeah, you try getting this personality to behave itself....then you can talk, capisce? Nonetheless, I realize as I get older that life could be much worse, and is for many. I have the privilege of living in a wonderful country, being self-sufficient, and having met some wonderful people, both in the flesh and through the blogosphere. I've received several warm holiday wishes from other bloggers that made me smile (and tear-up). Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to think of me. I am very thankful for my blog....without it, I don't know where I would be this year. I've been able to express and rant and wrestle with and about many of the issues in my life and in the world today. And through this blog, I've met some amazing people: Bill Keezer of Bill's Comments, Peg Kaplan of What if?, Keith Burgess-Jackson of AnalPhilosopher, Maximum Leader and Smallholder (and all the other brilliant bloggers) of Naked Villainy, John Venlet of Improved Clinch....the list goes on with many others (check out my sidebar for hours - if not days - of reading pleasure and education). They have each made me laugh, scream, shake my head, and laugh again with their wit and intelligence. What an awesome group. Many wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It is a good thing we have a special day set aside to remember to be thankful....otherwise, I fear we would forget to do so. Regardless of where you go or who you celebrate with, may you be healthy and warm in heart, body, and spirit. And go eat like a piggy - it's the one day a year you can get away with it without having Weight Watchers at your door!