Thursday, November 18, 2004


It is my birthday on the 26th of this month. I'll be 27. 27 years on the planet. Makes one examine the path of life. Where have I gone? What have I done? Have I made a difference? In my current state of mind (read: irritated with myself), I have some serious doubts. But I am going to list 27 things I have done - one thing for each year - that I hope, in some way, has made a difference. 1. I was born (Okay, I didn't do this on purpose, but hey, I'm here, aren't I?). 2. I learned to play piano, fiddled around with guitar and flute, and tried to get a recording soundtrack for my vocal talents. 3. I learned to drive - well. 4. I paid off a car (ah, that I had stuck with that car). 5. I made some excellent friends, and far more acquaintances. 6. I learned to waitress and do it well. 7. I worked, starting at age 11. 8. I graduated high school with a very high GPA. 9. I was a godmother to a beautiful little boy. 10. I got married and divorced (still looking for the positives there....). 11. I got counseling for some serious issues I had with my childhood. 12. I am a good friend. 13. I honor my family, even if the courtesy is not returned. 14. I work many jobs to make sure my bills are paid. 15. I have started two businesses - one of which was extremely successful; the other is not as successful....but rewarding in its way. 16. I have taken chances and come back swinging. 17. I have adopted a dog. 18. I have loved many dogs. 19. I have made friends with unlikely people....because I refuse to be limited by what others think. 20. I have graduated a 2-year college with my AA. 21. I have continued my education for nearly 10 years....and still am in school. 22. I have given of myself to others. 23. I think of other people, rather than of myself, on a regular basis. 24. I do not hate God (trust me, that right there is an accomplishment in its self - long story....). 25. I have continued to be open-minded to people. 26. I have maintained a positive attitude and been supportive to those I care about. 27. I have been honest - even when the consequences were not in my favor. Well....for better or worse, there are some things I've done throughout my life. I know, I left out the juicy parts about my wild sex life and intense drug usage. You'll have to wait for the memoirs for those stories. I'm not givin' them away.