Monday, November 29, 2004

After Thanksgiving Bloating

As a vegetarian, I think I am the only person I know who was hungry by the end of the day on Thanksgiving....ah well. I made up for it on desserts! Speaking of bloating (or not), I read an interesting article in the USA Today that got me thinking. I am as guilty as the next American of spending too much around the holidays. My nature is to please people, and it is very important to me to spend money and time on those that I care about to show them how much I care. I do it all year long - Christmas just gives me another (unnecessary) excuse to do even more. What if we did spend less on Christmas? You'd be surprised how little you miss getting things when you are getting emotionally satisfied. For example, for my birthday, I received a gift from only three people. I know many more than 3 people, lest you worry, and was surprised - yeah, we shouldn't look for gifts, but who among us does not? But it occurred to me that, first, lives are extremely busy (and I'm difficult to buy for). Second, I got everything I wanted because I spent time with people over my birthday week - going to dinner, phone calls, etc. These people showed they cared with the volunteering of their time. There wasn't a darn thing anyone could get me that I needed - and what I want is relatively expensive, so I'll be buying such things for myself. I'm not about to stop getting people gifts for Christmas....but I am stopping with one or two gifts. Those that are very close to me will get the nicer gifts, and those that I do not know well will either get hand-painted ornaments or gifts from my kitchen. Hopefully, I'll get to spend some time with people as well, so I can show them in more important ways how much I enjoy having them in my life.