Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why the Elections Are Held in the U.S.

Besides the fact it is the presidential election for the U.S. president.... Here is a column sent to me by a friend that just blows the mind. Not only does the columnist not get the point of debates and political stands - he is too caught up on the "pretty boy" factor: he has to stoop to childish finger-pointing and ridiculing to sound like he has a point. Is Bush the greatest speaker in the world? Hell, no. But I really don't have a clue what the problem is when he talks to people. I find him refreshingly honest and sincere. That he "makes faces" or is not polished is what makes him human. I guess I'm out in left field. I like Bush as a speaker....the man has conviction that clearly shows through. And contrary to this (dare I use the word?) journalist, some of us appreciate that. Of course, this idiot would prefer a smooth talker who just tells you what you want to hear....while waiting to screw you behind your back.