Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Where to Stand

Smallholder at Naked Villainy (I have fallen in love with this site) has a great post on Kerry and abortion. I agree with him - abortion is either right or wrong. There is no in-between. It is hard, as a young woman with reproductive capability out the ying-yang, to take a tough stand on abortion. Yes, here is that soft underbelly is "nice" to think that if I get into a pregnancy that is unplanned, I have a way out. Yep, isn't that just disgusting? But there it is. It's legal, it's supported, and it's my right. How'd ya like that? Would I do it? There is not a moral fiber in my body that would allow me to do so - so, NO, I wouldn't. Does that mean it is in the back of my mind? I don't think there is a woman for whom it is not in the back of her mind....It is not that we would, want to, agree with it, think it is a good back-up plan, or anything like that. It is so in-grained in us to believe that our body is ours, and ours alone....and we do not and should not be responsible for something just because we did it to ourselves. What a sick quandry. Yet this is the moral muck we have placed ourselves in by refusing to instill moral absolutes in our culture. Personally, I am against abortion - I always have been. Is it an easy stand? No, it really isn't. I feel for women who think they have found love and end up with someone who walk out them. I feel for the men who want their children but have to live with the knowledge that the woman they loved sucked their progeny into a sink. But for the woman that is now left high and dry without support, it is not the child's fault, and the child should not lose its right to life because it is inconvenient. What more can I say?