Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Gotta love this. Wells College, an all female school, decides to start admitting men, and the women are against it? Is this an alternative lifestyle school, or what? Personally, I would be thrilled - but instead, "Opponents say they want to preserve the college's 136-year tradition as a school for women, and worry men may dominate the classroom if they are admitted." Tradition, my foot. This is about a wimpy bunch of women who are afraid to stand up against men. Once again, in the past week or so, I find myself baffled by the weak-assed women who are making fools of themselves. Thank God for the backbone of the original suffragists. Today's women, or at least the one's who have been in the paper recently, would never have made it. How are these women ever going to make it in the corporate world, in which women are still outnumbered? How are they going to make it in relationships, if they are worried about hold their own against a guy seated next to them in class? Sex changes are going to start being for more than just those who are confused about their plumbing needs. Some of us are dying to deny such cowardice is coming from our own gender. Aside: Why wouldn't these women want a little scenery, if you get my drift? Send in the men, the soccer teams, and get them into eye-candy shape! =)