Monday, October 11, 2004

What About Daddy?

As someone who has dated divorced dads, I watch with sorrow the struggle to be with the kids, work enough jobs to pay the bills, figure out what the right course of action is to make the kids healthy and happy, appease the ex-wife, and still manage to have some personal time. I'm not suggesting women don't struggle with this too....but every magazine has advice to women on how to deal with those pesky ex-husbands. When was the last time we recognized the pressure it puts on men? My friend Rich over at has some excellent posts, and provocative thoughts, about misandry and its vices. Do Dads matter to children? What rights do they have? Born of his own struggles, his site shows his own wounds and frustrations, as well as wakes us up to the on-going misrepresentation of men as fathers and as human beings with emotions. I've linked to him once before, and I'm pleased to see he is still going strong. Here are the articles he has rounded up and commented on so far this month....given the number of them, and we are not quite halfway through the month, it is rather sad. But worth reading and thinking about - equality has many different battlegrounds. Somehow we forget about this one.