Saturday, October 23, 2004

Voting Games

John Venlet over at Improved Clinch has a post regarding ::sticking finger in throat to make immature vomitting overture:: Paul Krugman and his one-man-venture to prove Democrats are the abused and negated martyr in the political arena. So now, we just KNOW that the voting booths will be rigged and the votes will be counted incorrectly....all the fault of those damned Republicans. Yep, we are all a bunch of dishonest thugs who will stop at nothing to steal the next election because we are so desperate to get that evil "W" re-elected so we can continue to live in our big houses with our big tax cuts and big oil money rolling in....and invite over all our Muslim terrorist buddies over for weenie roasts on the veranda of the country house - while discussing how to dominate the world with our imperialistic views and admire those cheap gas prices now that we've taken over the world's oil supply. (Hey, I was going for the record on a long'd I do?) Anyway....correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the military who was "disenfranchised" in the last election? Wasn't it Gore and his friends, the Democrat party, who were trying to stop votes being cast by the military men and women who could not reach on-shore voting booths? Funny, Krugman doesn't seem to recall that....or that the final recount was reported showing that Bush did indeed win Florida. Those Democrats and their short-term memories....and to think, I thought I had a bad memory for facts.