Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tough Thoughts

One of the attractive qualities of blogs - at least to me - is how personal and raw they are. I have always believed that electronic media is the hardest in which to convey emotion - I have been proved wrong. With writing skills and human flaws, bloggers express their thoughts and frustrations with the world. Some of us may never realize just how personal and difficult certain posts are for some bloggers, as it may touch on a personal wound that is not quite healed or a current point of struggle. I recently made a post on abortion that was extraordinarily difficult for me. Why? It is hard to stick with your convictions when it hits home personally. Mind you, I'm not pregnant, (::checks calendar with alacrity::) but the risk is always present. Having children at this point in my life - possibly at any point - is a terrifying topic for me, as I do not feel as though I am prepared, financially or mentally. And let's face it, we all want to be able to say, "I would NEVER EVER consider XYZ decision because it morally wrong - therefore, such a thought would never enter MY morally superior mind." Unless my whole theory on human nature is out the door, I believe we struggle within our moral mindsets to do the right thing, even when society or our peers are justifying another, less moral, solution. Okay, not exactly sure if I made a point, but it feels right, so I'm going to let it stand as is. Returning to the abortion post (my post can be found here), the Maximum Leader at Naked Villainy wrote a post regarding his own views. Abortion is a tough issue - not because we don't know the right thing to do, but because our human condition often leaves us with less than perfect circumstances, and we try to find a way out. Ideally, abortion would never exist, because people would have children when they were ready, birth control methods would always succeed and be used, and everyone would have sex with people they are committed to and ready to raise a family with. Wouldn't that be great? I'll never understand the argument that life begins anywhere but is a human baby that will grow and be born. To call it anything otherwise is beyond me. It is not as though it suddenly becomes human at a later stage. When we plant a seed, we call the sprouts that come up a plant, and certainly, it is a member of whatever plant family it hails from. We don't require it to flower or produce in order to be called a tomato plant or a rose bush. It simply is a tomato plant or a rose bush without having to prove it. Yet we use different qualifiers for human children. Why? Tough subject, tough stands....take a minute to read and establish your own thoughts on it. It might be tougher to define than you usually think.