Saturday, October 23, 2004

Thugs Need Love Too

I just did my daily visit to Bill's Comments (If you aren't making it a daily stop, you are missing out on a host of brilliant posting) and laughed. He also commented on the AnalPhilosopher's self-appointed hellfire-and-brimstone evangelist whose quest is to save the professsor's evil atheist soul, or some such ridiculous endeavour. Seeing as which I come from a family of wacko fundamentalists, I am the first to ignore anyone trying to launch their religion on me. Amazingly enough, I've never once had to glare at a Roman Catholic, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist. Only our good friends the protestant Christians, who believe their lives' work is to irritate and annoy those less fortunate heathens. Let me tell you, the more you push, the more resistance you'll meet. Give it up. I recently met someone (this time, I'm talkin' about you, TD) who impresses me with her faith. Not because she slams it in my face....because she accepts that I don't agree with it. We can have a conversation about life, school, iritations, kids, men, etc., and she can mention her faith, and I don't feel attacked. She LIVES her faith - she doesn't require that everyone subscribe to it. I can talk the way I want, be honest and forthright, and I don't feel judged. In the same way, when she talks about her faith and God in her life, I am not bothered by it. In fact, I admire it. I don't feel the way she does....I probably never will. But by not hitting me up-side the head with the Bible, she allows me to see her as a human being with a belief, and not as some zealot with a cause. Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I call myself a Christian? Hell, no. Is my belief rational? No, I don't think so....but there again, it wouldn't be faith if you could prove it. And I'll leave my quest to define my belief as a life project, and not one that has to be completed before the clock strikes midnight. The philosopher's evangelist would do well to learn from my friend's example. His threat-laden missive did little to sway anyone's beliefs....and I doubt it is doing much to uphold his fellow believers. Somehow, if God is love is his message....well, I'm not feelin' the love. And sometimes, thugs need love too.