Sunday, October 03, 2004


For a gag, I signed up for the mailing list available through NOW. Yes, I am sure you can imagine the tripe to which I subject myself when I read these missives. I do it so you don't have to. I am a martyr for a cause. Har, har. Yesterday's was particularly heart-warming.
THE PERILS OF POLLING: A COLUMN BY NOW PRESIDENT KIM GANDY Stop the presses! Breaking news! Many of the polls are misleading! (And while we're debunking myths—there's no such thing as "security moms," but more on that later...) KERRY IS THE WOMAN'S CANDIDATE IN 2004 "Kerry's substantive and articulate answers are rooted in a firm grasp of issues and his evident desire to lead this country in the right direction," said NOW President Kim Gandy. YOU CAN MOBILIZE FEMINIST VOTERS OVER THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS! We all must double and triple our efforts to help get out the vote on Nov. 2. Together we can make a difference for equality and justice. Read more | Download a flyer: 'Ten Reasons to Vote for Change' TELL TIME/CNN AND USA TODAY TO REJECT BIASED POLLING DATA! Recent polls of likely voters conducted by The Gallup Organization have substantially over-sampled Republicans and under-sampled Democrats and women — overestimating the support for Bush. Take action! NOW CALLS ON MEDIA TO PROVIDE TRUTHFUL ACCOUNT OF 2004 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES NOW and its members and supporters are calling on the press corps to report substance over style in the 2004 presidential debates. Read more ELECTRONIC VOTING POSES PROBLEMS With many voters using electronic balloting machines this year, as many as three out of every ten votes cast on Nov. 2 will be unrecoverable in the event a recount is needed. Read more ENTER THE 2005 LOVE YOUR BODY POSTER CONTEST We're looking for innovative poster designs responding to the onslaught of negative images that impact women's and girl's health. Deadline: Dec. 1, 2004. Read more
These are by no means all of the headlines in the e-mail, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the message. What cracks me up is NOW's supposition that all women want Kerry for President. Did it ever occur to anyone in the NOW organization that one can be a feminist and still be a conservative? Probably not. I particularly like the "substance over style" describing the Presidential debate. What is particularly amusing is that many are claiming, including Investor's Business Daily, that Kerry had the style but George Bush had the substance. How amusing that a gaggle of women who claim to be on the up and up in politics, can't even figure it out. No wonder women are jeered at. We have these idiots supposedly standing up for our rights. The only headline I did agree with is the last one. I have spent too much time critiquing and examining my body, and the bodies of others, for flaws. Our media, our society, our homes place too much emphasis on appearance. No one wants to be overweight or unattractive - and at some point, we need to start valuing people for who they are, and not what they look like. Not too long ago, someone noticed the picture on the desktop of my notebook computer. It is of a fairy, reclining, naked but carefully posed so nothing critical is out in the open. There were several comments made, as many know my abhorrence for inappropriate pornography. I am not against nudity, per se. I believe there is a difference between nudity and pornography - I'll leave that for another post. This picture is of a beautiful female form, with full thighs, trim waist, and natural curves. I responded to the comments easily - I am tired of always being shown unnaturally thin bodies, with bones jutting out and screaming for a jelly doughnut. The fairy in this picture is beautiful, but she looks normal (yes, as normal as a woman with wings can). There is not a single rib showing or a hip bone jutting out anywhere. That more of our top models and glossy magazine covers would appear this way.