Monday, October 25, 2004

Stupid Women

Now here is a fine example of a first lady. Theresa Heinz-Kerry,at her finest:
Because I've lived in many cultures, and - and I've seen the definition of what is acceptable for a woman in different lights, of course; but also with a diminution, generally speaking, about what their role is, if they have something else to say. You know, they'll reign as - in the kitchen. They'll reign as mothers. They'll care about everybody. But if you're going to speak about this, "You don't know how to read and write." "You didn't go to college." "You didn't go to school." And you know what? What we know, we know. And it's valuable. And it's not to be compared with anybody else's knowing, but it's very valuable. And it's time that the country hear -- our country, all countries, really listen; because women and children pay the first price. They're the people on the frontlines of refugees, of hunger, of rape, of starvation, of disease. You know? And they have no say. They're the victims. And so I don't want women to be victims. I want women to be lifted. And also, I read a statistic the other day which stunned me -- the World Health Organization - that 60 percent of the world's women are depressed. And I said, "I don't believe that!" I got so upset when I read that. It can't be. Can't be. And then I started thinking, "Now, why would 60 percent of the world's women be clinically depressed?" - not word-wise. And I began to think of it - you know? And I can see why. And that needn't be. And I think we to listen to women. I think women earned their right to - to speak and to have opinions.
Last time I checked, women can say anything they damn well please in the United States of America. I know that isn't the case everywhere in the world, but here in our country, you can say what you want and be heard. Just look at the internet and blogosphere, public TV, radio talk shows, etc. Here's the part that shows this woman's inability to understand the real world we live in: "And you know what? What we know, we know. And it's valuable. And it's not to be compared with anybody else's knowing, but it's very valuable." I have news for Mrs. Heinz-Kerry - if I think I know something, and I'm wrong, it does not make my knowing it or sharing it very valuable. How dumb is that? It is only valuable if women take care to be intelligent, to speak with knowledge and wisdom, and present themselves in a way that lends credence to their knowledge. And yes, your knowledge is going to be compared with other's knowledge. That is how we determine what is accurate and what is wrong. Who can listen to this woman, and all her flip-flopping, reinterpreting of the dumb thing she said the last time she opened her mouth, and take her with any level of seriousness? Multi-billionaire, married to a Republican politician and now a Democrat politician, and paying lower taxes than any of us IN the low-income tax bracket....oh yeah, she can really relate to the everyday woman. Please.